Don’t I Need More Protein for More Strength, Energy, Health and Fitness? (Part 2 of 2)

And as far as energy is concerned, what are the very best food sources for fuel and energy?Believe it or not, protein is NOT nature’s most efficient source of fuel and energy for our bodies.Without question, carbohydrates are the most efficient sources of fuel and energy for the human body.Contrary to common belief and the doctrines of so many loudly touted and very lucrative weight loss programs and diets, carbohydrates are not always the bad guys, even though they have certainly gotten a bum rap in the last while.Unrefined plant sources of carbohydrates in the form of whole, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains and beans are our best sources of fuel and energy. They are also the best sources of nutrition for human health and fitness.However, refined carbohydrates, made from white sugar and/or white flour, are the bad guys. It is best to eliminate these refined foods from our diets altogether. You know what they are: refined breads, cookies, cakes, desserts, baked goods, candy or anything at all made with white sugar and white flour.Because human beings get their most efficient fuel, or energy, from carbohydrates, unrefined plant sources, if enough unrefined carbohydrates are not consumed, you will, among many other problems, feel tired.Those people who go on high protein diets, after a while, have a common complaint–they get very tired. Why? Because they load up on animal protein, a poor source of fuel and energy, and they cut way back on the best food sources for energy–carbohydrates from unrefined plant foods (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans).Furthermore, high-protein dieters often crave and binge on refined carbohydrate goodies.These cravings are the body’s way of telling them that they are not getting something they need through the foods they are eating. In this case, it is the unrefined carbohydrates.However, rather than grabbing for a few pieces of fresh fruit or a big, green-leafy vegetable salad, these people typically grab for the goodies that are so very accessible, edible, and dearly loved.What is the percentage of carbohydrates in plant foods?Sweet potatoes consist of 92% carbohydratesGrapefruit 90%Oranges 88%Brown Rice 87%Wheat flour 76%Oatmeal 69%Carrots 36%On the contrary, what is the percentage of carbohydrates in animal foods?Beef has 0% carbohydratesChicken 0%Pork 0%Turkey 0%That’s right. Animal foods contain protein and fat, not to mention the cholesterol and chemicals, but no carbohydrates.Knowing what you know now, what foods provide the most efficient sources of energy?Plant foods or animal foods? That’s right. Plant foods.Compare your body to a car. The protein, which makes up the structure of the cells, can be compared to the engine in a car. The carbohydrates can be compared to the gas you put into the engine.Want to get your engine, or your body, running faster and more efficiently? Fill up with plant foods.Plant foods give us all the nutrients we need to enhance and maintain our bodies and our health.Plant foods are the keys to preventing diseases and promoting health and fitness and longevity.If you don’t believe me, just ask the elephants.

Health and Fitness – The Importance of Nutrition in Diet

We need to be aware that we have an inherent genetic requirement for health and fitness that require us to eat right in a balanced way to create favorable physical well being. Unless our diet consists of the right nutrient density with the least amount of toxins we will not achieve optimal health. However, despite our enlightened state due in large part to the constant awareness and emphasis on health, we continue to feed out bodies the wrong foods and store up toxins like it were gold in Fort Knox.When we don’t eat right we are filling up on toxins that lead to the chronic diseases that make life miserable for us. When you stick to a nutritious diet you are actually reducing the risk of illnesses like cancer, heart problems, diabetes and stroke. When you eat nutritiously you help your body to maintain the right Body Mass Index, which is essential in helping to prevent diseases. Read this article to be better informed on the role of nutrition in diet that leads to health and fitness.An overview of the right kind of nutrition in our diet to help us stay healthy and fit will help you better understand what you are expected to feed your body to stay on track. There are healthy food groups that join together to provide the human body with all the necessary ingredients required to provide the right nutrition. No one food group can provide us with everything we need to remain healthy and prevent diseases from attacking us.The five main food groups are dairy, meat, poultry and fish, vegetables, fruits and cereals and pulses. Eating a healthy balanced diet that comprises the 5 food groups on a daily basis will ensure a good supply of the essential minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber the body needs. Eating as many as 5 small meals a day is a far more healthy option to eating fewer but bigger meals. Small meals are easily digestible and the duration between meals will not allow acidity build up. Larger meals are heavier and tend to bloat the stomach causing digestion and gastric problems. Always add fruit and vegetable servings to every meal and make sure you cover all the food groups. Go easy on the heavy stuff like meat and dairy products.The right kind of nutrition in diet provides you with a wholesome and balanced diet, which in turn enhances health and fitness.

International Education Grants For Educational Advisors

There are many organizations that give international education grants to students. NAFSA is one of these organizations. It serves the field of international education by providing grant opportunities to overseas educational advisors.By educational advisors, we mean the people who work with students, scholars and trainees interested in education, research and training in the United States. A vital role is played by them in the development of services and opportunities for NAFSA members.Educational Testing Services (ETS) generously supports NAFSA. US government affiliated advising center is also eligible to apply for this grant. Before the award is granted a selection committee of overseas educational advisers reviews the applicants.A grant award of $2,000 is given to be used for the purchase of new equipment or supplies, or it ma be some other kind of thing. The travel grant for overseas educational advisers provides a $2,000 USD travel grant to the overseas educational advisers who need support to attend the NAFSA annual conference.The eligibility requirement for this grant is that:• The applicant must be an adviser in one of the certified educational advising centers.
• The applicant must devote at least 50 percent of their professional duties to advising undergraduate /graduate students about the programs that they can pursue in US.
• Preference is given to the advisers who fall under and are subscribed to the NASFA Overseas Educational Advising Professional Network.
• The applicant must not receive any kind of grant from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA), US Department of State to attend the NASFA annual conference and Expo.

The former grants given away by NASFA include the Advisors’ Professional Partnership Program (APPP) that sponsors 10 US based international educators to EducationUSA advising center in 14 countries worldwide.The purpose of this program is to facilitate international exchange experience that would strengthen the tie and improve the understanding of the role and work of EducationUSA advisers and the US based international educators and their home institutions.Cooperative Grant Program (COOP) has provided seed funding for 977 creative programs since 1974 involving more than 460,000 US and international students and scholars community member’s faculty and campus staffs. This grant closed its last cycle in 2004 with the summer incentive grant.