Health and Fitness Advantages of Rowing Machines and Low Impact Exercise

What does your age matter? Does being young or old matter very much? If you want to have a healthy and fit body age should not be an issue. Being interested in maintaining your body may be a reason that you are interested in investigating the health and fitness benefits of rowing machines.If you are looking for an exercise program that is low impact and therefore easier on your joints and other parts of your body than jogging is then this would be the machine of great interest to you. Rowers have always maintained that their water activity has a variety of benefits. In addition, if you row vigorously, which is a choice, you also improve your aerobic capacity. This is not always the case is some other fitness choices. A rowing machine will give a good aerobic exercise in conjunction with additional training equipment such as a rebounder trampoline or similar piece of equipment.Another term for the rowing machine is the ergometer. The machines today are actually built to make you feel that you have oars in your hands and are on the water rowing down a river. They monitor the work that you do while rowing. It can help you in reducing fat from the upper body and lower body. The areas that you could concentrate on are your arms and the muscles in your back as well as your buttocks and your thighs.Every single row will stretch and tone muscles. Rowing will tone such areas as torso, hips, pelvis, thigh, and stomach. You will also benefit in toning your shoulders and upper arms with each oar movement.This machine will not only tone but it will also strengthen core muscles. In doing regular workouts you find that your muscles have become stronger. These would include muscles in the chest, forearms, your shoulder muscles, and muscles in your calf. Heart and lung muscles will also benefit in being stronger and increase your lung and heart capacity.By the rhythmic pace at which you are exercising your body may be ready to enter the zone, which is fat burning. After your warm up, perhaps ten minutes or so, you enter this zone. Since burning a lot of calories is a benefit of this machine you may find that your workout time is less than if you were using some other method of exercise. You are on your way to losing weight if that was your only goal.Since you can adjust resistance and speed you can avoid any possible strain that might be put on your body. It really does not matter what fitness level you have already attained this machine will benefit in helping you reach a level of being more fit. It is perfect for the elderly since it is not high impact. Exercise will always be helpful in reducing your stress level so picture yourself on a river or lake and row away that stress.Our excuses for not exercising are numerous, such as no money or the gym is too far. The excuses have now disappeared as you can exercise in the home when you want. Not enough space in the home? Then take a look at the ones that are collapsible. Rowing at home will leave you without any excuse.

The Heart of Health and Fitness: Part 2-Atherosclerosis

Contrary to what most people think, it is not heart attacks that cause the most death in this country. It is the disease of the arteries, and the arteries go to all parts of the body.Sally may be affected in her heart. George may be affected in his kidneys. Alice may be affected in her pancreas. Mary may be affected in her joints. Sam may be affected in his eyes, ears, or his penis. Jan may be affected in her brain.It is atherosclerosis, the build up of fat- and cholesterol-containing plaques in blood vessels, that kills the most people in this country. It just hits us in different places in our bodies, and that certainly does not mean that it only affects the one place that shows symptoms.Atherosclerosis affects the entire body, whether we have symptoms or not, whether we know it or not. And how could we have clogging up of the arteries and not know it? There are no nerves that pick up pain in the arteries. In fact, arteries can be as much as 95% blocked, and we still have no warning sign at all.Millions are unaware that their blood vessels somewhere in their bodies are 80% to 90% blocked. It is the occurrence of a major health or life-threatening event that gives people their first clue that something may be amiss inside of their blood vessels.How often have you heard that someone had no symptoms, no warning, felt great, got a recent clean bill of health and then got struck by a major heart attack or stroke?So what is atherosclerosis? As described in the first part of this article, atherosclerosis is when the inner lining of the blood vessels gets damaged and little pimples or plaque form underneath this damaged lining. These pimples are filled with fat and cholesterol, and get inflamed.The lining of the blood vessel gets damaged from radiation, smoking, trans fatty acids, animal protein, fat, and cholesterol, coffee, processed foods, and refined carbohydrates.When these pimples or plaques erupt, the content spurts out. The body controls the damage by quickly clotting the eruption. If the clot gets too big, it actually can block off the blood flow in the tiny artery, causing a stroke, a lung blood clot, or a heart attack.In this country, it has been shown that atherosclerosis can start before we are two years old and, by the time children have reached 10 to 14 years old, their major blood vessels already have fatty streaks–the first visible signs of atherosclerosis. These fatty streaks grow and collect fats and cholesterol, and they only worsen with time–unless you do something about them.Imagine what your blood vessels look like right now!So what are the primary contributors to the plaques that may be building up in your blood vessels:· Cholesterol (all animal products are loaded with cholesterol, including culprits like chicken, fish, milk, eggs, and cheese)· Animal fats· Vegetable fats: all processed oils (including olive oil),trans fats, hydrogenated fats, and fried fats· Animal protein· Refined carbohydrates· Coffee· Smoking· Lack of exerciseThe most exciting part about atherosclerosis and disease of the blood vessels is that often times it is reversible, even in older people.That means, if you clean up your diet, you can take control of your body, your blood vessels, and ultimately your health and fitness.Load your diet and daily food plan with lots of fresh, whole fruits and vegetables. In fact, shoot for 10 fruits and 10 vegetables a day.Eliminate those foods that contribute to the clogging up of your life-giving blood vessels and the downward spiral of your heart, your health, and your fitness.The rewards for your efforts are priceless: weight loss and weight control, mobility, activities, energy, hope, joy, and purpose.

Q/A With Outstanding Teacher – Meet India’s Educational Innovator Par Excellence

Our quest for outstanding educators continues, and this time we are lucky to have India’s Most Outstanding Teacher awardee: Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra, an educational innovator par excellence. Join me in welcoming him and learn a thing or two from his wisdom shared with us through this Q/A:LIN: As one of the pillars in Indian Education, what made you decide focusing your time, skills and the like on education, technology, teacher training, among others?I wanted to stimulate the future generation to become life long learners, I have values which I feel I should contribute to the society – that, what I have learnt and experienced over the years. By doing this I will be paying back and fulfill my desire to make difference to the future generation. I believe education is an empowering process that allows students to develop holistically. Moreover the satisfaction I get by investing my time in my passion is far better than or would reward me more than anything else would.Thus I chose to go in for teacher training among any other profession. I believe in sharing my knowledge to others for the sake of learning to learn. My objective of life is “The more we learn, the more we earn, in terms of honour, respect and recognition.”LIN: What, to you, is the 21st century teacher? learner?I believe in the fact that the 21st century teacher is a teacher who is prepared to Learn, Un-Learn and Re-Learn. The one who uses technology and its power to empower self and others through experiential learning. A new learning has emerged with technology. The shift is from education to learning. Secondly it is consumption of learning to participation and thirdly thinking. In today’s world students have a rich learning environment. The teacher for them is a facilitator, a coach, a mentor and a mediator.LIN: Elaborate on the essence of education toward achieving excellence in life, career, success, etc. of individuals? How about the fate of a nation or world in continuous changes in economy, politics, environment, and technology. What is the role of education on aforementioned aspects?Education is the part and parcel of one’s future. It makes man and literate person to earn a living. It is the power in oneself which explores other powers of our senses and provides wisdom to our living. The career is directly related to our moves in education. The nation is in requirement of future literate citizens who in turn shall make the things possible in time to come. The country’s economy hence forth needs a greater emphasis towards investment in education of its children. Nothing is possible without the literacy of the hour implemented via technology and to understand and explore technology one has to have the power of learning. Education is all about learning and developing your abilities to their full potential. It gives the knowledge and skill they require. One cannot say that they do not need any further education no matter how smart they are because the quality of education is always improving. With the standard of education getting higher, an organization’s demand for an individual’s level of education is also getting higher.LIN: Do you believe giving awards to teachers as motivator to more effective/efficient teaching? If so, why?As a National Teacher Awardee myself, I believe in recognition of the teachers as one of their life time achievements. The awards to the teachers give them the pride to work for them and the society in a better framework and above all it also gives a narration to the others to do their best. I feel recognition given as a mark of achievement will always be motivating. And by awarding the teachers, in a way one motivates them to perform better and feel appreciated for all the hard work he or she puts in, throughout her life to get the best out of someone else’s life.LIN: Have you heard about Global Teacher Prize? Sort of seeking for outstanding teachers around the world to qualify for a million dollar prize. What is your take on this? And if you were one of the judges how would you rate shortlisted teachers with outstanding qualities to get the most deserving among them? Would you rely on the given criteria or would you risk choosing a finalist over the rest through gut-feel?I have not heard about this earlier. It is certainly a great recognition to the teachers’ community globally. I believe the companies and other establishments must come together under Corporate Social Responsibility and join for the common cause towards the recognition to this community of TEACHERS who are the only blessed creatures after GOD to dwell a product which is a living being into another refined product as a RESPONSIBLE CITIZEN of the nation in particular. Well I checked on the criteria and I believe we would also add on to some more conclusions viz. PUBLICATIONS/ CLOUD PRESENCE/ COMMUNITY OUTREACH/ INNOVATIONS. Adaptation to change, ability to engage and inspire in students independent and original thinking and how does he or she handle children with different learning abilities can also be the add-ons in particular.LIN: The battlefield of education is not the classroom, but the hearts and minds and souls of learners… do you agree on this? Why?I do agree of this fact with the reputation to believe that we need to teach the hearts not the minds. For the fact is the children like the subject only when they like the teacher. It is such a fact that explores learning with heart and soul to replicate the fact of making the learning as a pride within classrooms a possibility. Teaching breathes like poetry. No two learners can interpret teaching the same, just as no two teachers can write same. It is like two humans sharing a space in mind and body by personal interaction and transfer to one another. Thus the battlefield of education is not the classrooms, but the hearts and minds and souls of the learners. It is how well you can connect for learning to happen.LIN: Would you be open to collaboration with other teachers out there so as to spread the wisdom of authentic learning or whatever you want to propagate in the global stage of enlightening the minds and hearts and souls of everyone, anywhere in the world?Certainly, as my great pleasure and honour too. I would be very happy to explore the opportunity to train other teachers over WEBINARS/ Skype virtual sessions. Knowledge grows by sharing. I would definitely be more than happy to share information, skills and expertise that I possess with the teachers and try to make whatever little difference I can.LIN: How would you do that? And if ever, would you like to co-author a book with anybody who is willing to explore possibilities?As I said, using the power of technology I would like to share my expertise in a big bang way. Yes I would be happy to co-author a book of subject of any taste and tribe. As an author of over 40 books, I do believe in share in that aspect too.LIN: Away from the limelight, who is Dr. Mehrotra?A learner for LIFE – Lost In Fight (For) Education!!! That is me, myself. I take pride in working towards Quality Literacy For All. Amen.LIN: Any piece of advice to teachers out there who are doing their jobs sans thinking of getting an award, but doing it for the Glory of God the Greatest Teacher of All?My advice to them is ” Remember to be on Learning Spree for I repeat: The more we learn, the more we earn, in terms of Honour, Respect and Pride!!!. Also let us all be IT Strong and not just IT Savvy for we believe in an age where Technology is the way of learning not just the pathway!! Cheers and May GOD bless us all.So there you go. To know more about Dr. Mehrotra’s passion, you may check out